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To Share or Not to Share

Share your experiences but don’t share your ideas?

Tell people where you’ve been and once you’ve done it or share the idea of possibly doing it?

So many questions, so many decisions

I’m not sure if this applies to every aspect of life and every culture or whether it’s something that is instilled into Asian/Indian families or somewhere along the path we call life we’ve all experienced or kept things a secret because we want it to be a surprise or its soo good you want to share it but you want it to have a massive impact when you finally do and hope that no-one else gets in there first.

I’m sure we were always told to share when we were growing up.  One vivid memory which jumps to mind and I’m pretty sure we have all experienced this or maybe even done it ourselves.  Being at school and sharing a pack of crisps or sweets.  When someone offers to share with you, but they hold their packet so tight and so far up, actually it’s impossible to take even a crumb off a single crisp let alone a couple of crisps.  Talking about it now it seems so small and insignificant yet so many of us will remember this time and probably laugh about it now.

I love surprises, receiving them-which does not happen often (hint, hint ‘Mr K’- if you’re reading this) and giving them, the whole organising of a surprise from the moment it will happen to everything to make it special, it’s me in a nutshell.  It’s a full on animation for me, my reaction is probably just as intense as the person receiving the surprise, regardless of the fact that I know exactly what is happening and when!

So this seems likes its ok to keep a secret until the moment it happens or is going to happen.

How about if you have an amazing invention, new idea, concept or simply a phenomenon that will change people’s ideas of how things should be?

Is it ok to keep this a secret, like my tweet earlier today,

“Would you steal from me, if I didn’t keep it a secret?”

The Asian/Indian bit: On numerous of occasions throughout my life, even my adult life I have been told by my elders to keep things to myself and not go shouting all my successes, my plans and many, many more things.  I’ve argued this out plenty of times and they’ve adapted their answers in many ways all resulting in the same answer. 

They say, the more you shout about something, the less likely it is to happen, they say people get jealous and things won’t go as planned, they say just wait and see what happens and then there’s no limit to who you can tell or who will find out on their own. 

All their answers make sense, yet seem so silly, because if we don’t discuss things, how can we make them happen effectively?

My mind, is waiting to explode with all the ideas I have bopping about in there.  I am a great motivator when it comes to helping others get things off the ground but my ideas, sit tight and go crazy waiting to jump out.

I think I’m about to make one of my first calculated decisions in a long time… I’m sure ‘Mr K’ will argue at how calculated this decision is, but for me, I think it’s the right decision.

I am a firm believer of everything happens for a reason and as a friend told me, in not so many words, ‘if you believe something will do well, it will do well.’

So right now I’m not sharing everything, but I’m sharing a few of my thoughts and I hope these make sense and maybe make things a little clearer for you if you’ve ever been in this place before…or even had a conversation with me and thought why has she stopped there.

Love ME xXx