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To Share or Not to Share

Share your experiences but don’t share your ideas?

Tell people where you’ve been and once you’ve done it or share the idea of possibly doing it?

So many questions, so many decisions

I’m not sure if this applies to every aspect of life and every culture or whether it’s something that is instilled into Asian/Indian families or somewhere along the path we call life we’ve all experienced or kept things a secret because we want it to be a surprise or its soo good you want to share it but you want it to have a massive impact when you finally do and hope that no-one else gets in there first.

I’m sure we were always told to share when we were growing up.  One vivid memory which jumps to mind and I’m pretty sure we have all experienced this or maybe even done it ourselves.  Being at school and sharing a pack of crisps or sweets.  When someone offers to share with you, but they hold their packet so tight and so far up, actually it’s impossible to take even a crumb off a single crisp let alone a couple of crisps.  Talking about it now it seems so small and insignificant yet so many of us will remember this time and probably laugh about it now.

I love surprises, receiving them-which does not happen often (hint, hint ‘Mr K’- if you’re reading this) and giving them, the whole organising of a surprise from the moment it will happen to everything to make it special, it’s me in a nutshell.  It’s a full on animation for me, my reaction is probably just as intense as the person receiving the surprise, regardless of the fact that I know exactly what is happening and when!

So this seems likes its ok to keep a secret until the moment it happens or is going to happen.

How about if you have an amazing invention, new idea, concept or simply a phenomenon that will change people’s ideas of how things should be?

Is it ok to keep this a secret, like my tweet earlier today,

“Would you steal from me, if I didn’t keep it a secret?”

The Asian/Indian bit: On numerous of occasions throughout my life, even my adult life I have been told by my elders to keep things to myself and not go shouting all my successes, my plans and many, many more things.  I’ve argued this out plenty of times and they’ve adapted their answers in many ways all resulting in the same answer. 

They say, the more you shout about something, the less likely it is to happen, they say people get jealous and things won’t go as planned, they say just wait and see what happens and then there’s no limit to who you can tell or who will find out on their own. 

All their answers make sense, yet seem so silly, because if we don’t discuss things, how can we make them happen effectively?

My mind, is waiting to explode with all the ideas I have bopping about in there.  I am a great motivator when it comes to helping others get things off the ground but my ideas, sit tight and go crazy waiting to jump out.

I think I’m about to make one of my first calculated decisions in a long time… I’m sure ‘Mr K’ will argue at how calculated this decision is, but for me, I think it’s the right decision.

I am a firm believer of everything happens for a reason and as a friend told me, in not so many words, ‘if you believe something will do well, it will do well.’

So right now I’m not sharing everything, but I’m sharing a few of my thoughts and I hope these make sense and maybe make things a little clearer for you if you’ve ever been in this place before…or even had a conversation with me and thought why has she stopped there.

Love ME xXx

Green Juice

As promised!

Here it is, the juice of all juices. Jam packed with as much green stuff as I could get my hands on and blend before I got a bit worried about if I’d actually be able to drink it! or would this concoction just be a bit overwhelming for my gluten, carb, sugar and treat filled diet.

So here’s the ingredients: This made just over 500ml

  • Kale ( I used about a1/4 pack)
  • Green Apple (2 apples)
  • Cucumber (2/3Thirds)
  • Celery ( 3 stalks)
  • Ginger ( half a thumb size)


Its simply really,

  • Wash cut and get rid of any pips or cores.
  • Juice away!
  • Drink it up, I added a little water, simply to dilute and ease myself into it!

I was impressed with how good it tasted, must be the apples and if i’m 100% honest, I haven’t had that sluggish feeling, desperately wanting that nap or just to sit and do nothing feeling at all today!!

Here’s and Cheer’s to the juices!!

Give it a try, I definitely recommend it and I’m sure it will do wonder for that summer body!

                                                                 Love ME xXx

Mid-Afternoon Boost

It’s been a little while since I written a blog post but trust me I have a backlog of things to share.  I’ve been scribbling ideas, typing away cover letters and all sorts of other bits and bobs to get my wheels in motion and get all those doors of opportunities opened.

Oh yes and I cannot forget my camera has been going crazy and I’m sure it’s been drooling at the sight of some of the food I’ve tasted over the last few or more weeks.

So I’m trying to get healthy for summer, whenever that may be, the sun tends to give us a little teaser and then packs up and hides away behind the clouds. I’m going to be ready for it! Firstly I’m going to start cutting back on the carbs, especially my faithful favourite BREAD!!  I’m eating it for breakfast, lunch and sometimes even a little snack -well a cake at least!!

The tea too has got to stop, so although it’s not morning right now, I’ve got my Pukka morning time tea bag swimming in my mug of hot water all powered up to give me that mid-afternoon boost I need!


Juices, Juices, juices.  I read in the paper last week that our 5 a day should be made up of more vegetables than fruit, because the fructose in fruits aids the ageing process! WHAT??!!! I seriously thought omg- I need to do something about those fine lines I’m seeing on the edges on my eyes when I’m applying my makeup! So leafy vegetables here I come.

My sister has this great juice, it’s called Green Juice, its full of everything green and loads of vegetables, and it’s supposed to be great to everything, sounds like a winner to me!!  I’ve got all the ingredients and making it for my breakfast tomorrow morning!! So I will definitely share it.

Right now I’m energised after that tea! My list has no hope; all those things are getting crossed off!

Love ME xXx

Mile End’s Greedy Cow Restaurant

In light of my last post, I thought let’s start the weekend early so I bundled up ‘Little J’ after nursery and met Mr K at a little hot spot just by Mile End station.  It’s on the Central line, Hammersmith & City line and the district line) and if you work in the square mile or nearby, it’s a great pit stop after a hard day’s work.

‘Mr K’ was already waiting and seated so it was easy enough for me to get settled with ‘Little J’. We got there just before 7pm and to my surprise there were quite a few early diners and the buzz of people coming in and out didn’t stop throughout the night.

A foodie at heart, I love to try what the restaurant recommends and so obviously the specials board made it nice and easy for us with a simple of order, we’ll have one of those each please and a  portion of chips for ‘Little J’ as soon as possible’.

We definitely weren’t disappointed; my mouth is still watering thinking about meal.

The Hickory Smoked Spare Ribs simply melted in my mouth.  To be honest, Mr K and I, tend to order ribs wherever we can, so we are critical to say the least. Plus me being a crazy condiment fan- a small tub of homemade BBQ sauce didn’t go amiss.  I actually requested to keep this to finish off with my mains it was that good!


The homemade crab balls with horseradish were a subtle second starter; evenly crisp on the outside and soft with subtle flavours through the middle. The horseradish mayo on the side was a nice touch but more a little more punch would have made it a close to perfect mouthful!


We sneakily tucked into a few of little J’s chips when she wasn’t looking and again simplicity at its best, crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside.  I say get the simple things right and you’re onto a winner.

Mains arrive and we contemplate where to start, as obviously everything was being shared so we got to try everything possible.

The pulled pork burger it is.  A simple chargrilled patty of pure pulled pork, accompanied by a lightly toasted burger bun and a little pot of slaw (no mayo, just the crunchy bits with a touch of vinegar and lime). A little nibble of the pork before the top layer of the bun goes on and we can wait to take a proper mouthful.  I’m definitely glad I kept hold bbq sauce as it added an extra touch of spice and sweetness that was tucked away in the pork. 


The Kangaroo, the name and thought of eating kangaroo may make a fair few of us shy away from trying this item but trust me, if you like your lamb, your steaks, definitely give it a go. Get there quick though as I think it’s making its last few appearances on the specials board before something else exciting takes it place.  The waiters are sure to ask how you’d like your meat cooked, which is nice rather than them assuming you want it a certain way and then it turns up and you have to send it back!  Don’t worry it’s not just about the meat, this dish was accompanied with sweet potato and vegetable skewers so we got our five-a-day!  The meat has its own flavour and they are sure not to overpower this with their own sauces, just a simple cider reduction which worked great.


As stuffed as were, we could help but try a desert, we opted for just one crème brulee to share, but I’ll be back to try the fondant and a few of the other sweet treats they have to offer.

Overall, I had a fantastic meal and service was good.  We weren’t rushed and we didn’t have to wait to too long for our meal, which can be an issue with a little person in tow!  They had high chairs available but we opted against this, as we had a nice little sofa bench to sit on. 

Would I go again? Definitely YES!

I’m looking forward to trying a few of the other items on the menu.  They’ve also got an upstairs which and they hire out for group bookings, birthday etc, which is always handy to know!

I’m hoping the rest of my weekend is as good as my Thursday night meal.

Love ME xXx


A valuable lesson- Yes, you CAN

Sometimes is it just a simple case of either you CAN or either you CAN’T do it!

I know from when I was little, we are always taught there’s no such word as CAN’T.

Wow, I’ve only just realised how PMA is instilled in us from such an early age. But why oh why does this word crop up so often, or is it just me??! 

I’m starting to realise ahead of all the people out there waiting to comment or criticise what I’m about to try now or next, there are a whole lot more people that are backing my corner, helping me battle the ‘faffing’ (for want of a better word) and to get myself into gear and strive to achieve what I want for ME.

My biggest obstacle is ME and knocking this opponent down is a lot trickier than I envisaged. When I know I can do something, why am I searching for new phrases which perfectly describe this ineffective state of mind or excuses not to get down to business as it were?

Without beating myself up too much, yes I’ve been on a bit of rollercoaster, but is that any more than the woman I passed earlier in the street.  Everyone has a story and it’s up to us (ME) to continue writing the next chapter of life how I’d like it to turn out.

Maybe a talk about stuff a little too much and in that case my talk is cheap until it materialises from what I believe is a great idea to something on my plate or dinner table.

CAN’T / CANNOT is a word I will try my best to remove from my vocabulary and CAN and WILL are going to be permanent fixtures.

Love ME xXx

Veggie Adventure 2: Mushroom, Halloumi & Chilli Jam

So I think I’ve pretty much had a different type of cheese in every meal I’ve had this week, maybe excluding breakfast but even then, I’ve had my fair share of Philadelphia on my croissants!! I may well turn into some crazy cheese freak this week, but oh well. I pretty much had cheese with everything when I was pregnant so why not make it a permanent meat substitute, especially since I seem to enjoy it soo much.

So Welcome Halloumi to my week of veggie adventures. Its a simple concept, the chilli jam was the most time consuming but even if I do say so myself one of the yummiest parts of my meal.  I will post how to make my version of chilli jam very soon!

So the basic Ingredients are: Portobello Mushroom, Halloumi, Chilli Jam and a Generous amount of rocket & Ciabatta Rolls.

1. Chilli Jam: Buy yourself a jar of chilli Jam or test yourself in the kitchen and try making some.  (Remember you can keep this for about a month and it tastes soo good on everything!)


 2. Portobello Mushrooms: Just dab with a wet tissue to clean. Then butter the base of your ovenproof tray and sprinkle with a generous amount of black pepper.

Lay your mushrooms evenly and sprinkle with MORE black pepper and place some butter on top ( I used garlic butter). You can also use olive oil.

I didn’t season with salt as this just tends to cause the mushroom to give off more water so leave this till you serve.


3. Slice your Halloumi and rinse your rocket.

4. Oven your mushrooms on 200C for about 15 min

5. Drain any excess fluid from your mushroom tray and then switch to grill mode.

Place your halloumi  the same tray and grill for a few minutes on either side.

6. At the same time warm your Ciabatta & rinse your rocket.


Warm Ciabatta, with Grilled Portobello mushroom, Grilled Halloumi, Rocket and a dollop of Chilli Jam…


Get Ready to EAT!!! Tastes great with a few more carbs- spicy herb potato wedges…MMMMM

                                                               Love ME xXx

Veggie Adventure 1: Eggless Vanilla Cake

So I’ve taken this recipe and copied it step by step! But I used normal cows milk as opposed to soya milk. Tastes absolutely delicious but will definitely try it with the soya milk and maybe a few other extras. 

Here’s my step by step pictures.

Get all your ingredients and utensils out, preheat your oven to 200 and get ready to BAKE!!!

Sieve your flour, baking powder into a bowl and add your caster sugar and give a quick a mix.

Pour in your vanilla essence and vegetable oil (DON’T MIX- I made this mistake and it tends to get lumpy, so just hold on)

Pour in your milk, NOW mix away! And beat until a smooth cake like mixture.

Pour into your cake tin and place in the centre of your oven at 200 for 25 mins.

Let the cake cool before trying to remove from the tin & then GET ready to EAT!!

I’ve always been one of those people who have been a little critical of eggless cakes, but to be honest this tasted pretty good! and was quite soft.  I will definitely be trying few other eggless cake recipes this week and beyond!!

Give it a try!

Love ME xXx


Intro to My Week of Vegetarian Adventures

So I’ve got a few friends who follow me or know that I’m writing my blog and they’ve been asking me how the blogs going. My response has been it’s a little quiet/ on hold. It was a big thing for me to write about how I feel and what’s going on in my head, so actually I’m not quite sure why I’ve slowed down.  Well actually one of my biggest dilemmas has been my situation with work and that’s taken up a lot of my time and mental energy recently and to be honest it’s not something I can openly talk about until its resolved.  However like every other woman, mother, individual there is always a minefield of other things going on which I’m about to start focusing on.

So for the next week or so, I’m vegetarian and will be going cook book and internet crazy to test out loads of vegetarian treats and attempt to perfect the eggless dessert!!

I’ll be posting loads of pictures of food and will highlight any great recipes I find.  Also would be great to hear of any good recipes and websites for vegetarian cooking.

Love Me xXX

Can’t go wrong with a Fish Finger Sandwich for quick and easy lunch. Don’t forget to add a little touch of green, how about lambs lettuce and of course condiments!!My two favourite: Hellmann’s Original Mayonnaise and Sriracha…Mmmmmmm 

Can’t go wrong with a Fish Finger Sandwich for quick and easy lunch. Don’t forget to add a little touch of green, how about lambs lettuce and of course condiments!!My two favourite: Hellmann’s Original Mayonnaise and Sriracha…Mmmmmmm